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Stacy Jane Kluck, licensed acupuncturist

My treatment philosophy is based on the understanding that we are all connected to an energy source far greater than ourselves. This energy is never damaged, pathological, depleted, or absent. This energy is always present and available, flowing to us and through us.

Healing happens when we clear energetic debris out of the way, so that this greater energy may course more freely. The more we align ourselves with this energy, the more we will transform and thrive.

In my practice, I understand that each person I serve is actively connected to this greater energy and has an innate inner wisdom. I understand that each person I serve is fully empowered and responsible for their own healing. I understand that each person I serve already has all the capacity needed for miraculous change and transformation within their own being.

It is my role to create a safe, energetic environment that supports the process of people realizing and reconnecting to their own inner wisdom and unlimited power and potential. It is my role to maintain my own energetic frequency at a level of clarity and neutrality. It is my role to listen -- with all of my senses -- to what the inner wisdom of the client is directing me to do, and then to perform the appropriate action which heeds that message.


It is my greatest honor to stand witness to your process and to experience the awe of the boundless spirit that you are.

When we work together in this way, the possibilities are endless.

"The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit."


~Saint Teresa of Avila


We are all just walking each other home.

~Ram Dass


Healing Touch is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that specifically works with the human biofield. Everything that exists has an energy field that extends beyond the easily observable physical body. The field has differentiated layers that correspond with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. Anything that exists in our physicality will first present in the field. Healing Touch also works to balance the chakras, energy vortexes located at specific locations within the human body. Chakras manage the energy information that we receive and send out into the world. Healing Touch can bring about profound change in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It is exceptionally powerful for clearing long-standing blocks, resistant life patterns, and behavioral loops.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of finely-gauged needles at specific depths and locations within the body to alter energetic vibration and energy flow.   Acupuncture is based on the knowledge that energy called qi (pronounced “chee”) flows throughout the body in predictable ways, along pathways called meridians or channels.   These channels are connected in an intricate network that covers all parts of the body.  When the normal flow of qi is interrupted, the result is pain and/or dysfunction.   Acupuncturists alter the flow of qi by manipulating the energetic vibration at specific acupuncture points, via the insertion and manipulation of filiform (solid shaft) needles. The location, number, depth of insertion, and retention time of needles varies from patient to patient and with the type of imbalance being treated.  Each treatment is custom-designed to the unique individual exactly as he/she presents at that precise moment.  The selection of acupuncture points that will most effectively harmonize the flow of qi within an individual is an art based on interpretation of data collected through both conversation with the individual, as well as through diagnostic techniques such as pulse assessment and abdominal palpation.

pulse diagnosis

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique that assesses and restores balance in the flow of the dense fluids and deep fascial membranes of the central nervous system. Using tactile assessment, this therapy discovers areas of restriction, and with the most delicate touch, holds and allows the bound areas to unwind at their own pace. Craniosacral therapy works systemically, and techniques can be applied anywhere on the body, but it is commonly known for its special ability to restore balance in the bones of the skull as well as the sacrum. This work is extremely relaxing and enjoyable to receive. It is subtle, yet profound.


In Chinese Medicine, natural herbs have been used for thousands of years to alleviate ills and harmonize the body.   Each herb has a unique mechanism of action, and interacts in specific ways when combined with other herbs.  To this effect, formulas can be custom-designed to address each individual patient’s needs.   Herbal formulas are very effective at treating both the root cause of a condition, as well as the symptomatic branches.  In addition to being effective, herbal formulas do not involve the harsh side effects of Western pharmaceuticals.  They can be used for acute or chronic conditions, and are available in a variety of forms.   



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