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Stacy Jane Kluck, LAc, Diplomate OM, LMT, CHTP


Stacy is a licensed acupuncturist, licensed massage therapist, certified practitioner of Healing Touch energy medicine, and board certified herbalist in the state of Texas.  She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), Chicago. She completed her massage therapy education at the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas. She received her Healing Touch certification through Healing Beyond Borders.


Prior to pursuing Eastern Medicine and Massage Therapy, Stacy received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography, as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Dance from the University of Iowa.  


Stacy has been practicing in Austin for six years. Before moving to Texas, she was an associate at Acupuncture of Iowa for two years. Prior to that, she ran a private acupuncture practice in Chicago and concurrently worked as Academic Student Advisor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. 


Throughout her career, Stacy has devoted much effort to volunteer and community service commitments. In Iowa City, she established onsite clinics at both the local homeless shelter as well as the area’s primary substance abuse rehabilitation facility, where she performed weekly acupuncture services at no cost. In Chicago, Stacy volunteered acupuncture services at Project Vida, a Chicago-based non-for-profit established to support low-income and HIV/AIDS populations. In Austin, she is part of a small group that brings meditation to the area prisons.


Stacy’s creative endeavors include event/fine-art photography, dance/performance, and creative writing.  She has an extensive background in performing and teaching both ballet and ballroom styles of dance. Also an avid fitness enthusiast, Stacy has experience in teaching Pilates and indoor cycling. Since 2016, she has become a dedicated student and practitioner of meditation.

Stacy Jane enjoys working with patients on conditions of all types, whether the focus lie on curative or adjunctive care.  With her movement background, she is uniquely qualified to treat musculoskeletal disorders, and has an intimate understanding of the body and kinesiology.  Special interests include: emotional disharmony, addiction, reproductive and other hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disorders, sleep disruption, pain syndromes, gastro-intestinal complaints, headaches, and neurologic dysfunction.  


Stacy values working with diverse populations and personalities.  All are welcome. 


Continuing education activities are centered on Craniosacral Therapy, Five Element acupuncture theory, as well as the work of Kiiko Matsumoto. In her free time, Stacy enjoys dancing, physical fitness, photography, literature, music, meditation, and comedy.   She finds much joy in spending time with nature, friends, and family — and in laughing as loud and often as possible. 

Stacy Jane Kluck, L.Ac
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