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Welcome everyone! I finally established myself as an online presence. Thanks to all of you folks who took a leap of faith and came to see me for acupuncture treatments before I was anywhere to be found on the web. I hope that you have been happy with your experience. I have certainly loved working with each and every one of you! There is nothing I love more than watching you grow, change, and find new experiences of wellness and joy.

Now that I have completed massage therapy school and attained licensure, you all have the option of scheduling massage sessions as well as the previously offered acupuncture treatments. I will also offer 'hybrid' sessions, in which we do 30 minutes of acupuncture followed by 30 minutes of massage.

I aim to offer whatever tools will be the most effective to serve you on any given day!

Thanks again for being open to trying out a new way of finding health, and for letting me accompany you on this journey.

I look forward to continuing to work with you all.


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