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How to Make a Dream Come True:  See it, Touch it, Let it Go

As I have been observing the general state of the world and its people lately, my eyes have been opened to the extreme degree in which we repeatedly place our focus and energy on things we don’t want. We don’t like this, we are mad about that, we want this over here to be different, we want that person to quit acting like that. We focus on our pain, we focus on our trauma, we focus on our resentments. We focus on how awful everyone is. We focus on how awful we are.

But rarely in all this mess and confusion does anyone say, “What do I want? How would I like the world to look? How would I like my life to look? What would I most love to see happen next?”

No, we keep looking at the problems. And when we look at the problems, we give them fuel. We propagate their existence by our constant validation of them.

A problem does not get solved by continued focus on the problem. If we want a new situation, we need to place our focus on a new reality, on something that does not yet exist in the physical plane. This requires that we dream. This requires that we practice visualization. And most importantly, this requires that we stop efforting. We can have fun with our dreams. We should have fun with our dreams. And if we keep dreaming and enjoying the dreams, they can and will come true.

When it comes to manifesting our deepest dreams and desires, the best thing we can do is to envision what we want, feel the joy of that vision, and then let it go. We do not have to try to make anything happen. In fact, any time we try to make things happen, we muck it up. We kill our own dreams. A strangled dream never manifests.

The dream is always trying to emerge. It is our choice whether we assist or resist. In helping to facilitate a dream, our role, our required action, is not to plan, coordinate, manipulate or arrange, but rather, to perceive, receive, and respond.

The more we step out of the way, the more easily our dreams will come to fruition. So often, we do not allow our dreams to come true because we tell ourselves they can’t or won’t. We don’t believe, so we don’t allow. We throw out the dirt before we plant the seed. We don’t trust the unlimited creative potential of the source energy which underlies all existence. We never let ourselves act without a sense of belief.

Luckily, belief is not a prerequisite for taking action. Even without any sense of faith, we can learn to train our focus in such a way that facilitates the manifestation of our dreams. And once we do this a couple times, and directly experience the reality of it, we grow in faith.

To initiate the process, we first want to focus on what we do want. We visualize having the thing that we want right now, imagining that it is already here and happening. We connect to the feeling of what it is like to have this thing. Maybe the feeling is relief, maybe it is excitement, maybe it is joy, maybe it is eagerness. We let the feeling fill our entire body. Once the feeling is full and strong, we drop the narrative surrounding it. We experience the feeling as pure energy. We quit thinking. We focus only on the feeling. We tap into that feeling frequently throughout the day. We trust that our wish is actively being worked on, because it is. We do not think about the hows or whys. We do not calculate the likelihood or odds. We unhook from the idea of impossibility. We let it go. We drop all the thinking. We hand it over to something bigger than ourselves, then we go on with our day.

Anytime we notice our thoughts going towards resistance, fear, doubt, or anything else that we do not want, we smile at ourselves, then make a redirect. We look for something, anything, that we like about our lives right now. We look for something, anything, that is working. And then, we appreciate the hell out of that thing.

Aside from connecting with the initial vision, our only job is ever to keep our conscious thoughts focused on what we do want, on what is working. We pay attention to our intuitive hits, we follow the subtle cues and impulses that we receive. We become eager to see what shows up next on the path. Nothing is small or insignificant. We keep our gaze on all the beauty around us, on the infinite number of little world wonders. We notice and we smile at the unlimited creative capacity of source energy. When we feel an intuitive impulse, we respond by taking the next step in the direction that it calls. The step does not need to make sense. The step does not need to feel important. We do not need to analyze that step. We do not need to look ahead of that step. All we need to do is wait for the next intuitive impulse and respond. Perceive, receive, respond. Look for something nice. Perceive, receive, respond. Look for something nice. Do this over and over, all day, everyday. With a little practice, it will become automatic. Life will unfold with greater ease. And before we realize what has happened, we are living out our dream.

I know that the world looks messy right now. That is ok. This moment is our starting place, and we don’t have to hate it. We can use it as a ground to stand on, as a reflection only of what has come before, rather than as an indication of what is yet to come. We can look up to the sky, and place our vision on a dream of what we would like our world to look like. Let the infinite magic do its magic. That’s why it is here. That's why we're here.

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