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Falling in Love with the Mystery

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ~ Wayne Dyer

Believing something does not make it true.

Disbelieving something does not make it untrue.

Millions of people believing something does not make it true.

Millions of people disbelieving something does not make it untrue.

The totality of life is bigger than we can wrap our minds around. There are no experts or authorities in this place. None of us can achieve an intellectual grasp on what all of this is. We can dissect the material components of our manifested reality, but the energetics behind it all are too vast to fit in our little brain boxes. The big picture lives beyond logic. It cannot be contained. We make up many stories, mostly to comfort ourselves or to feel powerful, in control. But when the stories are stripped away and conceptual constructs removed, the fact remains that we are all in the dark. We are small specks within a flow of forces larger than we can explain. How we handle the unknown dictates the quality of the experience we have here. We can view this life as an exciting adventure or as a terrifying threat. We must always choose between faith and fear.

We can trust life and lean into it, learn to accept and work with whatever arises. No matter what our present reality looks like, we can accept and trust it as our base, knowing that we never intellectually see the whole picture, knowing that everything can change in an instant, in any instant, in any direction, even in directions we believe are impossible. We are made of this energy which, by nature, it is designed to thrive. Even if we can't grasp it with our minds, we can begin to open ourselves to encounter and experience it directly as a different kind of knowing. We can begin to trust that knowing. We can begin to trust things we can't explain. We can begin to see that not only are miracles possible, they are reliable. Our concept of what is possible is too narrow.

When we are scared, we can focus our gaze on the components that are working in the here and now, find things that are beautiful, find things we'd like to see more of. When we practice looking for the things we do like about our lives and the world, we begin to notice more of them. More of them begin to appear.

When we are scared, we can look to the sky, cast our gaze towards the infinite potential, focus on the miraculous, the dreams we'd like to see happen, knowing that they absolutely can, if we keep our eyes lifted.

Life is big. I am small. I know very little.

One thing I know is that I have a habitual human tendency to want to understand, to grasp onto any and every little thing that makes me feel like I am in control, like I am safe.

The other thing I know is that I refuse to live a life governed by fear.

I might not understand the mechanism of how life works and what it all means, but here I am. For that reason, I am going to honor and appreciate the life I have been given, and use it to be of maximum service to my fellows and my world. I am going to spend less time caught up in the dramatic web of emotional self-indulgence and spend more time noticing the people and contents of my immediate surroundings. I am going to suit up and show up as best I can for each and every moment I am given until the day the moments stop. I am going to trust that last moment, too.

The things we fear the most often contain the greatest magic. I might feel fear as I begin to relinquish habitual efforts to contain, control, and dictate life and move towards a place of relaxation and entrusting myself to the greater flow. But I will walk willingly into and through the fear because I trust freedom is on the other side. Given the choice, I will always opt to fall in love with the mystery. How could anything else ever do?

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