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Stop Making Sense

“Make no judgments. Make no comparisons. Delete your need to understand.”

Joy’s Way

W. Brugh Joy, M.D.

When a ‘disrupt’ happens in health, the first thing many people are compelled to do is look for a reason or cause. They want to put a label on it. Unfortunately, we are more complicated than that. Nothing is ever one thing. We exist as dynamic energetic configurations, interactions, and relationships. We are always in flux. Solidity, stability, and permanence are concepts that do not exist in reality.

We have long been conditioned to believe many things. Believing something does not make it true. There is an ingrained tendency to believe in simple cause and effect. We may believe that thoughts and emotions ‘cause’ physical problems or that physical problems ‘cause’ emotional or mental disrupt. We are not linear like that. Everything that happens in our beings is an expression of the exact same moment. Your depression and your back pain and your financial crisis are all one in the same. It is like a blooming flower, each one of these aspects is simply a different petal. The petals don’t create each other. They are simultaneous expression.

I watch a lot of people get sucked down the rabbit hole of trying to understand. They spin out struggling to determine the hows and whys, or what caused what. I say it doesn’t matter. Even if we think we know or understand, the reality is that we probably don’t. Either way, we will never know. I suppose some folks find comfort in having a convincing fiction to hold onto. I don’t. It is not useful. Let’s say you think you understand something, perhaps you have even given it a name, what then? Has this effected any change?

Once you label something and affirm "I have this," all you have done is given it power and claimed ownership, which makes it that much harder to transform and change.

In my practice, I encourage clients to loosen their grip on ‘control’, to release the ‘logical’ thought loop. Once we reel in the energy from playing detective with our past or navigating worst-case scenarios for our future, we have it available to use in the now, for healing. Then we take action. We directly observe what is here, what is happening right now, and we work with it.

Life is excellent at keeping itself alive. Don’t burden its process with fear-based analysis. Nobody performs well under a micromanager. Get your intellect out of the way and give in to trust. You will experience changes. You might not be able to understand or explain these changes. Don’t worry. You don’t have to understand something for it to work. I always say that if I can understand something, then it isn’t big enough. If it fits into the small box of my brain, it is too limited to reflect the true essence of what we are.

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