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Crux of Creation

The act of creation involves meeting resistance. When an ethereal vision hits the physical plane, we encounter turbulence, a critical moment when we realize that the reality of our experience does not match the vision or expectations we had for it. Here, we face a challenge. Everything inside of us screams to give up and walk away. Fear amplifies. Doubt amplifies. We are disappointed, and it hurts. Yet, our creative force asks us to stay. What we do with this moment is everything. The choice we make here either pushes us forth to creation or sinks us deeper into habitual pattern. These moments happen over and over. These moments define our lives.

Life is creation. Health is creation. As such, the healing process involves meeting and working with resistance.

Our lives are continually growing and unfolding, evolving and transforming to new stages and dimensions. In each phase, we adopt specific patterns and paradigms (physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic) to assist us through that period. These patterns are not meant to last the entirety of our lives. Eventually, we will outgrow them. As we move into new phases, the old paradigms become irrelevant. They must be dismantled to create space for the new.

We must create a void of potential.

This sounds simple enough. But there is a hiccup. The ego mind will never willingly opt for change to an unknown. Left to its own accord, it will hold onto old patterns forever, no matter how far expired.

Consequently, transformation is facilitated by chaos. We experience moments and cycles of chaos throughout our lives -- big, small, joyous, tragic -- frequently overlapping. These may manifest as physical ailments or disease, accidents, crises, births, deaths, traumas, successes, failures, relationship changes, financial collapse, job uncertainty, mental breakdowns, etc. Not every experience of chaos is extreme. Many pass by under the radar. Others are devastating.

Clinically, when a patient comes in with a “problem,” the likely situation is that they are at a crux where a new paradigm is trying to emerge within an outdated structure. Destruction is painful. Birth is painful. Here, they happen simultaneously.

Our job then, is to accept and recognize the situation for what it is, and to stay in it. We must trust the process, no matter how ugly it gets. From here, we go deeper and start working to facilitate the transition. In most cases, the person has already energetically shifted into the new paradigm, but not all their energies have caught up to the new position in time and space.

Because acupuncture and energy healing not only align the energetic aspects of an individual within him/herself, but also harmonize that individual with the greater environment, these modalities facilitate incredible ease of transition. This is what makes them so effective.

If you are a patient entering a course of treatment, whatever modality that may be, give yourself to it fully. Half-measures achieve nothing and will only add to the suffering.

Also, give it time. If you panic and grasp and leap from remedy to remedy, intervention to intervention, you will only generate more confusion. Less is more. Keep it simple.

Sometimes, things get weird when the energy begins to change. Old symptoms might briefly appear worse. New symptoms might show up. But if you stay the course, it is all likely to pass. Anything is possible when we make changes to the energy. When you shift the foundation, the whole house will adjust. Some structures might creak. Others collapse. When you enter the process of transformation, you open yourself to this kind of potential.

During this process, doubts and fears will emerge.

The same voice that screams “I’m tired,” “I can’t,” “I want to quit,” during a workout, or “You’ll never make it,” “You should just give up,” “You’ll never be successful,” as you begin your career, is the exact same voice that says “This isn’t working,” “I will never get better,” “I just want to get back to how I was before,” during a course of healing.

These messages are strong and visceral. They are also false.

When these voices arise, it is a useful sign. It means that you are changing. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and moving towards a more expanded version of yourself. The old system is in a panic, trying to manipulate you into turning back. If you stay the course, trust the process, and let someone hold your hand as you walk through it all, you will emerge more brilliant than you might ever imagine.

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