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One of my favorite things is the opportunity to see the familiar in a new way. I love nothing more than a fresh perspective to reframe an old story. Recently, a client shared with me that acupuncture has given her a sense of “scaffolding.” She explained that she has noticed herself leaning less on the identities generated by her career and her role in the family, and more finding the courage to stand upright in her own authenticity. A new internal sense of support is allowing her to relax into herself and to trust in that.

I was inspired by her use of the word “scaffolding.” It is a brilliant descriptor of the human energy system. Not only are the meridians, chakras, and layers of the field conduits and distributors of our vital energy, they also act as a multi-dimensional framework that we continually work off of throughout the evolution of our lives.

We exist in a constant state of transformation. We have a base level of beingness that we will carry throughout our lives, but the rest comes and goes as needed along the developmental path. When we are young, for example, we adopt various survival archetypes to help us manage the circumstances of our lives. They are useful and appropriate. As we grow and move out of these original circumstances, these archetypes become irrelevant. Despite the fact that they no longer serve us, we hang onto them because they are familiar. We are typically not aware that we are doing so. As described in my last blog, these old archetypes, or habits, stay in place until some sort of chaos occurs to create a disruption in the pattern and force the necessary change.

This is the beauty of acupuncture and energy healing. This work has the potential to facilitate transformation with a less jarring experience of chaos because it activates and enhances the function of our built-in energetic scaffolding.

In the restoration of a beautiful, historic building, the aim is to preserve the aspects that make the building beautiful, that make it unique, while removing the parts that have decayed, crumbled, and are no longer supportive. A strong, clear, well-positioned scaffolding allows for this process to happen.

The same process happens with us. As we grow and change, we want to preserve – to enhance – the beautiful, unique aspects of our being, as we let go of the outmoded parts that block us from blossoming fully into the potential of the present moment. To do this, we rely upon the push/pull of our dynamic, workable human energy matrix, our scaffolding. This scaffolding is both within us and without us. It encompasses us, like an eggshell – a vibrant, powerful, eggshell, illuminated with electric life – that simultaneously connects us to the greater matrix of all things.

It is important to acknowledge this beautiful gift we have, this energetic scaffolding. It is innate. It is reliable. It is unconditional. We have an obligation to care for it, to maintain it, to appreciate it. Most of all, we have an obligation to trust in it.

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